Friday, October 17, 2008

3 Months Old!!!

Today she is three months old!! I cannot even believe how big she is. The time just flies. Max keeps saying that she is not going to get any bigger, but she gets bigger and bigger each day. Some of her new things…

1. Toys. She will grab at them when they hang above her head, and shake them when she gets them in her little fingers.
2. Squealing. She gets so excited that she makes these noises which I can only describe as squealing. Yesterday we were at Kaeley’s house and KayLynn was in the basinet squealing with delight at the mobile.
3. Squirming. Now when she is playing with you, she gets really excited and squirms. I think it is her premature way of reaching to be held.
4. More laughing. She has this laugh that sounds like she is inhaling air quickly, when I try to imitate it, I start coughing! I promise that if you hear it – you too will laugh.
5. She likes to watch the dogs. If she is in her chair and the dogs are around, she will watch them playing.
6. She discovered her hands. This happened when she was with Granny Tam. She spends hours watching her hands and fingers. She will wave them and watch them go back and forth – or just worry her fingers in her lap while watching.

It is so fun seeing her learn new things almost every day. I look at newborn pictures and I just can’t believe that she was soo tiny, or that I gave birth to something which is now so big. I am sure it is pretty amazing to see your children as adults and remember that they were once in your belly, and so dependant on you.
Pictures to follow...


Hinman said...

I can't believe she is 3 months already. I miss you sooo much

Aunt Brenda said...

Love the pictures. Since we hardly ever see you in real life, I love to check out your blog, Thanks!

sarah said...

what a cutie pie!!