Saturday, February 14, 2009

An update

After all the sleep I got last night, I have the energy to write again!! But for Brenda's sake, I will put it in bullet format!!

~ We have slept TWO full nights. I am not counting my chickens yet, but even if it is just a fluke, its given us the rest we need to start again!

~ She likes to practice doing something (playing with a toy) and then look away and try again ~ Granny Tam first noticed this one.

~ Like a real girl, she talks all the time. Of course right now, her favorite sound is growling.

~ Amazing, glorious sleep!

~ She loves her puppies (large 65-70 pound dogs), and everyone elses for that matter! She likes to watch Zsa Zsa do tricks.

~ Did I mention the sleep??

~ She is still trying to crawl, but is not quite there yet. ALthough if she were on water, that swimming would work.

Anyway, sorry there are no picture updates, but Tristan is coming over today so I am sure I will have a few this afternoon!!


jbhinman said...

thanks for the bullet form!! Love you all!

sarah said...

Got to love the sleep!!!
I think the Lord knows just how much we can take so he gives us a little blessing now and again . . . then the teeth start coming.