Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is KayLynn ever un-happy?

The question I hear asked about KayLynn, more often than any other. Well, the answer is of course, but rarely! I have to say that the Lord has blessed us with a very happy girl. Even when she is sick (which she is right now) you can make her smile. One of our favorite tricks is to try to take pictures of her crying – works like a charm. I don’t think we have a single good picture of tears!

Today she could not keep food down, so she had a few baths. Here is her last one!!

It just breaks my heart to see her so uncomfortable. Even when she is smiling, she just looks so miserable...

This picture is especially for Granny Tam, who loves this hair-do the most!!

1 comment:

sarah said...

We have had the tummy ickies too! So pitiful to see little ones not feeling good:(.
I hope she gets over it quick.