Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Most Complete Valentines Day/Week

You hear women complain that they wish their husband was more romantic, with getaways, and surprises. You hear other women complain that their husbands should be more spur of the moment with sweet gestures. Well, my husband wears every hat. For Valentines Day we had a trip to Seattle - overnight! It was such a fun little getaway. We had dinner at Anthony's on pier 66. However, before dinner Max surprised me with a shopping spree. I got new work pants (I needed them since I start working full time this week), Teal sweat pants (I have been wearing the same ones I wore through pregnancy), some tank tops and the black-zip-up-hoodie I have been wanting for a very long time. After dinner we played DDR and then went to see Coraline 3D. Fun Fun Fun...

The next morning we had coffee at Starbucks. We walked for hours, just the two of us, taking pictures, talking about our dreams and reliving old haunts. We had lunch at an amazing sushi place - I have been dreaming of sushi for months!! We finished off our trip by going to Lush and getting a couple bath bombs (my favorite thing to do in Seattle!).

I know, you are thinking, "What more could there be?" Well, let me tell you. Today when I got home from work (I now get off at 4:30, and have to leave for class at 5:30!), Max and the baby were at the table waiting for me with Dinner. After which, Max gave me a lavender oil full body massage. He said that now that I am working full time he wants me to love coming home (as if I didn't already!) Yes, I know, I have an amazing husband.

Anyway, here are some pictures!

Drinks at Anthony's
My drink matched my shirt - the real reason I ordered it!
Seattle at night. The Seattle I have never seen!
We took losts of dorky touristy pictures!
The sushi was beautiful, and tasty too.
We found this fun water fountain... It is one of the few modern art pieces I like.


Leanne said...

Wow, what a special weekend. Glad you guys were able to have some time away.

Dana said...

You did it all this weekend!! Your pics are nice, it's always fun to have a quick weekend away. I will be praying for you as you are back to work full time now. :)

sarah said...

Good Job, Max!