Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boundaries and Salvation

Yesterday was one of the hardest days since bringing my son home with us.  But, it was also one of the most rewarding.  My son and I battled.  I held him for over an hour while he tried to get his way.  He used hitting, kicking, biting, pinching, screaming and tears to try to win me over to his side of the argument.  I prayed and sang hymns to myself while I stayed calm, and stayed the course.  I was exhausted by the time that child fell asleep for his nap. He slept.  Fast forward to bedtime.  I was nervous, but ready.  I sat down in the rocking chair with my son, who talked and cooed away at me.  When I laid him down he giggled, said something to me (Im guessing, thank you for making me obey) and rolled over to sleep.

I have always believed that boundaries help children feel safe and loved.  As many of you know I am pretty strict with my kids.  They work hard and they have as much responsibility as I think they can handle(many may not agree with what i think they can handle). But I try to play hard with them as well as rewarding them as much as possible.  I love taking them to all their favorite places and rewarding them with special treats.  Probably I learned this way of parenting from my own parents, but I also think I have been given a clear guide in the bible.  i believe that my day yesterday was a perfect picture or our salvation.  Christ keeps telling us that his way is better, but we kick and scream trying to get out of it, only to see that He is right. His way is better.  Christ expects a lot from us, our entire selves.  But the reward is great!

So, yes, yesterday was hard.  I have many bruises from my son.  But I think I learned something, and I hope my son did as well. Fighting the good fight is well worth the smiles and giggles that my adorable and charming little man can give me, if only I will give him what he needs.

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I am so proud of the hard work you do to parent your children well. and the Lord is blessing it--I enjoy those grandkids as much as I enjoy my kids!!! (And you know I don't hang out with people I don't enjoy ;)