Thursday, September 6, 2012

About time

Here I sit, using my son as an iPad stand so that I can 'hold' him and update my little blog! my son is now ten weeks old and I have yet to say anything more than, 'he's here!' That is just horrible. I remember when I had my desk job, sitting at a co outer all day I would update like a terribly organized perfect woman...however, the truth is out now. I can't do it all!! He he he... Logan is doing very well. At his two month appointment his doctor said that he is as strong as any two month old, and looks to be in great health. He gains weight like a champ, except for the one week when we went to nursing only... He was a little lazy and did not gain his usual one pound a week! but now he nurses like a pro and we are just loving the ease of no bottles! He is a very communicative child, he loves to smile and wiggle while you talk to him and already has definite favorites, his sister being at the top of that list. KayLynn is adjusting very well to being a big sister and loves to help. We have had our times of needing attention, but I am trying to make sure that she and I get purposeful times together! It's funny that Logan is looking more and more like her. Her three week picture and the picture of him at (adjusted age) three weeks are very similar! They did tell me that the closer he got to his due date the more like a new born he would be. They were right. I remember this age with KayLynn was a lot the same. I really want to write the story of his birth, as I did KayLynns, but a lot of the details are fuzzy. I am writing out what I can remember and then I will have those who were there help me fill in the blank spots!

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