Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm 30...some days it feels like 80!

I aM excited about my new perfume! It was so thoughtful of my little brother to get me the gift card! I'm still choosing which scent I will get full size, and that is part of the fun. I warn you is that the following might be too much info... however, it is such a big part of this pregnancy that I have to write it down and save it so that I can always remind Logan just how hard he was (is) to carry! I was going to write this post last night as I was icing my hemroids but decided that I should wait until I had a little sleep under my belt and more humor as to the situation. I thought that my first pregnancy had taken all dignity that I had left. I was wrong. There was a tiny bit left and Logan took that last night. As I was using the restroom last night for about the hundredth time, gingerly of course due to aforementioned hemroids, my nose started to bleed. Actually gush is a more appropriate term for what was happening to me. So there I am. Wanting to call for help but not wanting to be humiliated. So, after a good 45 seconds of getting myself together a bit (I.e. pants pulled up) I called my wonderful husband to come help me stop the cascade of blood. I am sure that you can imagine the look of the bathroom by this point, so I won't charm you with a description... So, there I am bleeding in the sink and it won't stop. Thankfully my husband was helpful, calm and totally in control. I had never heard that this was a normal thing during pregnancy, so I will admit that I was freaking out inside. I stood there bleeding for about two and a half minutes, which apparently is not that long, but certainly seems so. max called the midwife and she assured us that we didn't have to rush to the hospital and we just waited for it to stop. After it stopped I cleaned up myself and the bathroom, Max went to the tore and bought me a fizzy drink to get the taste out of my mouth, I washed my blood soaked clothes, and went back to icing my more day of pregnancy down...too many left to go.


Dana said...

Oh Tina, sad! It will be over soon and then you get to hold Logan and it will be worth it. It's best you write these things down, it will be of use for the future. :)

Grandma T said...

OH Honey, I am so sorry that you are having this happen but, as I recall It happened to me as well and I can tell you I was by my self so I just waited and it was SCARY. These are the things you forget about because I did not remember it until I read your post. So grateful you have a loving and level headed hubby.