Saturday, June 16, 2012

Am I missing anything ladies?

Lord willing, and the creek don't rise, I will be at the Lakeside birthing center when our Logan is born. I am so looking forward to NOT being in a hospital this time. my last birth experience wasn't so great, and I am hoping this will be better! Don't worry, I'm not expecting it to miraculously not hurt or something, just be more calm and less hospital nurse telling me what to do. So today I was thinking about what we took to the hospital with us for KayLynn. And, truthfully I can't really remember what we took and what was helpful. I do remember that we didn't bring diapers, and thankfully the hospital provided everything she needed till we left, but probably this time I am going to have to think about such things! in some ways it's a lot less prep going to the birthday center because I'm just going there to have her...not to stay! So, what I am thinking is that I will need a clean change of clothes, and Logan will need the typical diaper bag stuff (diapers, wipes, clothes to go home in)...I will also have to install the infant car seat at some point, but am I missing anything? It seems like so little prep for such a huge I should be doing something else... I just read this article and thought this quote so perfect for how I have been feeling... "When my first child was born, everything about my daily life was different. It felt like I had knocked the house down to its foundation and rebuilt it. When my second child was born, it was like we’d rearranged the furniture. Yes, there were added logistical challenges with two, but the feeling of being in uncharted territory was gone." That's kinda how I feel. I feel like this child should take more planning and getting ready for than he does!

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Dana said...

water, gatorade, snackies for after he's born. Check with Nancy to see what she allows. At the Birthing Inn in Tacoma you could bring that stuff. She may be okay with certain foods. Essential oils you want to smell for during labor. She may have this already though. Pads and that type of thing for after he's born for yourself. Receiving blanket even though he's coming in the summer, a hat. :)