Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh swell...2012

Its been a while. Our Christmas was so busy that I just didn't have five seconds together to post. We enjoyed friends, family and Lots of Christmas crafts and candy! KayLynn is really blossoming and becoming such a big girl. She loves to help when I babysit and clean and always wants to be near me. She is also very empathetic, and everything that my baby makes me feel, her baby makes her feel!!

We are all looking forward to the new baby, although a few of the side affects have been a little hard to handle, I had forgotten! In a couple weeks I will see the midwife, and until then I am ok being nauseated. In the last few weeks I have consumed about 4 jars of pickles, 3 jars of artichoke hearts and am about halfway through a jar of green pickles, not to mention the kimchee! it seems my salty sour cravings are back with full force. Cooking any type of meat makes me physically ill, unfortunately my husband and daughter still like to eat! The only other thing really bothering me is that I am exhausted all the time. Due to that I have had to change my gym time to later in the morning, but I am sure I will get used to it.

As far as our goals for the years... Max and I are going to spend the next few months really focusing on making our marraige better by working harder to be more focused on The Lord. this last year seems like such a blur and we feel like we let a lot slide because we were so overwhelmed, but we are done now!

Our second goal is to gradually ease KayLynn into the big sister role! I tend to baby her and not make her do things by herself even when she is able, however I need to stop, it's not good for her and it won't work when the baby is here!

I have a few personal goals as far as health and schedules as well.

Hope the New Year brings you all blessings.

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Grandma T said...

I am so sorry you feel bad but am excited for what is to come. When you are feeling the worst , just look at KK and know you would do this and so much worse for the miracle of a child. Love you