Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be patient, you are now an incubator...

I have to keep telling myself this! The Lord is growing a human inside of me, and it's exhausting! I can't believe how tired I am this time around. I was so busy and overwhelmed with school and work that there wasn't a whole lot of time to focus on that part, but this time?!?! Anyway, life is going on much as it always does, lots of cleaning, puking, laundry, puking, cooking, more puking and then lots of sleeping. When K goes to bed, I quickly follow. Although today I had Jack and for the first time in weeks he did not nap at the same time as KayLynn and so neither did I.

I am however proud to say that I have been able to keep up the normal duties as well as getting a lot done around the house. Poor Max did have the same pesto pasta for four days in a row, but today I made him some yummy French dips to make up for it! I made appointments to meet with two different Midwives and am excited and nervous about meeting them next week. Due to some good advice we are strongly considering a home birth should all things go well.

On another note, as of yesterday, my dog is ale to have babies and therefore has to go in and have a little surgery...poor girl! However, she is so tiny that if we let her go and she got pregnant with a neighbor dog it could kill her! So, that's on the schedule now too.

Another big project has been getting budgets set up for our kitchen remodel!!!!!!! We are going to be doing a lot by ourselves, but have to hire a few things done, so I am making appointments and looking at tiles granite and paint!

well, I think that's the update so far this month, hopefully after I go to the midwife I will have some ore details!

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