Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Favorite mommy moment so far...

Last night, as KayLynn played in the living room, Max and I sat on the couches. I was reading and Max was looking at something on the internet. KayLynn disappeared for a second and came back with Pooh in one hand and a book ("Mother" from Dick and Jane). She put both items on the couch next to me and then pulled herself into my lap. She then grabbed both and started to read to me. As I kissed the curls and helped her read it (reading is an interactive sport, you know!) I was again aware of how moments like these make mommyhood the best job in the whole world, I mean - who could resist that?

Previously that evening, we had made pillow mazes and forts out of dining room chairs, table cloths and pillows. I learned this talent from my Grandma Kay, and was sure that it was time to show KayLynn. She loved it. Pictures to follow soon.

We also took pictures of She-lob (pronounced exactly as it is spelled). She-lob is Max's enourmous pet spider. She is out on the front porch and Max is saving her for Halloween. Her web keeps getting bigger and bigger and I am pretty sure that she is going to catch me one morning on my way out to the car. Pictures of her coming soon!

For all of you who knew that I got my wisdom teeth out and were praying for me - Thanks! We went to the doc yesterday because of the pain - and he gave me another prescription. Let me just say, I love vicodin, and (for better of worse) I am myself once again.

Also to follow in the next post will be KayLynn's list of "NEWS".

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Haley Kovach said...

Ooh, She-lob! I always hated the part in The Return of the King when Shelob wrapped Frodo up. Pretty scary! :)