Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Size 3 or 4??

We buy our diapers at costco. And whenever we get them, we wonder if she will still need the same size when she finishes with 5million diapers. We usually guess correctly, however, this time... We have a little over half left of the costco box, and we are realizing that she needs a bigger size.

So, the dilema:

Do we blow the money that we spent and just go buy size 4s? Or, do we just deal with what inevitably happens when your diapers are too small, until they are gone???

I sure love babies!!


Leanne said...

I am always too cheap to not use the diapers that are too small, so we always just endure through. You can always go ahead and buy the next size up and start using those at night, until the smaller size is gone.

Haley Kovach said...

LOL. I'd get more diapers. On the other hand I don't know if I'd be willing to pay to buy more... so... :)

jbhinman said...

I would do what Leanne does.

sarah said...

just potty train her now!
ok really I did see it once posted on craigs list for a trade maybe someone out there will buy them off you:) I can't believe she is still in size 3-jackers has been wearing 4s since April.

Kjerste said...

lol! Both mine are still in threes. Shocking that Kenji hasn't passed Kaiya up yet!

I always save leftovers for the next baby. They just go in the bin of that size clothing and out to the garage.

Tina said...

I know she's a skinny minny - but boy can she eat!

jbhinman said...

If it makes you feel better Noah is still in 4's!