Monday, August 24, 2009

She is so big

I cannot believe how big they get and how fast. KayLynn is such a toddler. She talks so much (all the time saying, "pretty" and "all done" - whether or not she is!), sleeps every night in her toddler bed, walks everywhere and climbs on everything (making me feel like I have a fist sqeezing my heart, all the time).

When Saturday morning rolled around and KayLynn met us at her door (instead of staying on her bed and waiting for us) I knew that a teachable moment was soon to be upon us. It started with nap time. We did our same routine, only this time she was out of that bed and pulling the door open within seconds! I put her in her back in bed, said "I love you, go to sleep" and left. That was it - for then.

Don't you love it when they lull you into a false sense of security?!?!

Then it was bedtime. That anticipated moment turned into an hour and five minutes (not too bad - I guess). I would hear her get out of her bed and she would meet me at the door with her monkey under one arm and her blanket under the other (actually she was pretty cute - but there could be no smiles from me), and I would put her back into her bed. For ONE-HOUR!! I stayed calm and consistent and finally she went to sleep.

What happened last night, you ask? Nothing. I put her in bed - she stayed in her bed. Do I think this is over? Not by a long shot.


Leanne said...

I dread the moment we have to move Philip out of his crib, which will sadly have to be in the next several months. By the age that Philip is now, Levin had been in a big bed for a few months. Something about having two children free to come down out of bed, is holding me back from moving him on.

Just keep up the consistent effort and it will come.

Haley Kovach said...

Wow! I can't believe KayLynn is walking and toddling around!! Somehow I think we're going to keep the crib for a while yet... :)