Monday, January 5, 2009

OK here we go...

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Our little Heart is growing in leaps and bounds:

** Not only is she rolling from her belly to her back, but this last weekend she started to go the other way.

** She has also started to be able to grab toys and play with them. It is rare now that she gets frustrated not being able to grab what she wants.

** She is still working on getting that pacifier back in her mouth on her own though. Sometimes she will sit for twenty minutes just taking it out and putting it back in.

** She loves to beam (smile very big) at you. She will turn her head, look at you and then give you the biggest smile she can. There is no mistaking the person with whom she is pleased! It is fun because the smiles are not general, they are most definatelty AT you!

I am more in love with this little one everyday. What blessings these little ones are in our lives.


jbhinman said...

She is so adorable!

Leanne said...

What a happy baby! I love her laugh.