Friday, April 17, 2015

Just another week in paradise

Its been a pretty normal week; some ups and downs, laughing and crying.  You know, the usual.
This morning I was cuddling with my son who wanted hot chocolate.  However, he did not want to stop cuddling.  When KayLynn offered to take over, he was most happy!

Science this season is in part growing a garden. KayLynn got to plant her pepper seeds this week in Mimi's green house. The seeds came from peppers that we ate, so she is pretty excited to see them start from the beginning. Watching them grow will be fun. We have also started strawberries and petunias.  More to come for the garden soon!

My happy boy.

My darling girl. She really is my joy.

Walking and running his hand on the fence. I remember doing this as a child,

My studious girl. She is leaning a great deal in school and really loves almost every part of it...Just not the writing!


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