Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Well, here we are.

Its been so long since I had a computer, that I have not been consistent on this blog.  I am hoping to get back into it, because I  really like it. Plus it helps me remember details later that my mommy brain just cant keep together.

KayLynn is becoming such a beautiful girl.  I can't believe it when I look at her.  She is tall and thin, with crazy long legs. She is in first grade this year and we are homeschooling.  She is doing very well even though it is pushing her in ways she was not expecting. We have promised her that if she works really hard this year on writing (the thing that makes her sit still and focus - everything else comes so easily for her), then Max and I will consider letting her join Classical Conversations next year.  She is pretty excited to be going to "real" school. And by real, of course, she means that other kids go there too. She still loves to dress up and play act. She plays pretty well with her brother, although they really know how to push one another's buttons.

Logan is a charming little man who just can't get enough of mommy.  He follows me around and 'chats' at me all the time.  He is learning more and more to finish his words with consonants, although he is still really hard to understand especially when he gets worked up about something. He is pretty brilliant at puzzles and that toy with the different shaped holes and blocks.  Cant remember what that is called. He is smart in totally different ways than KayLynn.

Even when they overwhelm me, it is a joy to watch them grow and develop.  They are sweet and loving.  They like to help with chores and work hard.  I cant imagine two better little gems in all the world.

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