Monday, April 27, 2009

Please Pray

At KayLynn's last doctor appointment he told us that she needed to get a hip x-ray becuase she has some signs of hip dysplasia. So, today Max is taking her to the hospital for her x-ray. Please pray that she does well, and that the Lord prepares us for the results. Thanks!

KayLynn's "symptoms" are uneven leg folds (i.e. she has an extra roll of fat on her leg); one leg shorter then the other and she does a funny crawl thing with her leg. However, the doctor did say that the first two could mean nothing and th funny leg crawl thing could just be my funny little daughter being unique. She had the test yesterday and it went well, we should have the results today or tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers.


Hinman said...

I will be praying. Call us if you need to talk.

Diana said...

WE will pray
What are the signs?

sarah said...

Joe had this as a baby. His mom had to do physical therapy with him and he has no signs now or after his toddler years. He played sports in college and high school.
I will pray for her and for you both!

Kjerste said...

Hope all went well yesterday. I was praying for you guys. We're eager for an update!